Kariba dam under construction

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: Economic Reasons for the formation of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland

  • The BSAC saw the union as a way for them to reduce on administrative costs
  • The administrative costs were going to be fewer if the countries were united and common services made available
  • The economies of these colonies also complemented one another and a union would ensure a balanced economy
  • Planning at a large scale would ensure effective use of raw materials skills, labour and power
  • Infrastructure such as railway, roads and air communications would be improved as they would be expanded to link the three colonies
  • The BSAC was getting much profit from its economic ventures so it was important that they secure a wide economic base by having a federation
  • Copper from Zambia would increase Southern Rhodesia’s industries income whilst all the others would benefit from the industries in Southern Rhodesia
  • Nyasaland had few resources so it would benefit greatly from the other two which had vast resouces
  • The labour base of Southern Rhodesia would be enlarged and be guaranteed
  • Zambia was to benefit from the hydroelectricity for copper production as thermal power was no longer enough
  • A Federation was big enough to attain capital for construction of roads and industries
  • The partnership according to Roy was going to be that of a horse and rider in which Africans were inferior and were not allowed to dominate in the partnership

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